This is for your if you want to:

  • Boost your confidence as a multilingual yoga teacher​
  • Design more effective yoga classes your students will love​
  • Work on your professional growth and development ​

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Why this video series?​

Hi, my name is Annie! I noticed one challenge we multilingual yoga teachers have in common: confidence and effectiveness in our classes. 

We tend to compare ourselves to others, underestimate our knowledge and experience, and sometimes put so much pressure on ourselves that we give up learning to teach yoga in English completely! 

 But I believe that's such a waste of your talent! 

 Are you a multilingual yoga teacher and struggling to find the right words in your classes? Do you doubt yourself? Compare yourself to others? And need a little boost to break this cycle

In this video series, I’ll help you with 10 daily tips for becoming a more confident and effective multilingual yoga teacher. And I’ll give you tasks for self-study and professional evolution!

Love, Annie