Welcome to our library of worksheets!

Here we’ve uploaded all the free resources and worksheet that come with our blogs.

The worksheets and resources include texts, exercises and journal prompts to inspire your self-development process as well as your yoga journey.

Completing these worksheets will inspire you to:

  • explore new perspectives and areas of life and self-study
  • find new tools for self-care and self-development 
  • improve your English knowledge and vocabulary (if you’re an English learner too)
  • improve your yogic knowledge and understanding of a varied spectrum of yogic studies

Who is this library for?

These worksheets and resources are especially designed for those interested in self-study, self-development and the studies of yoga. 

All our classes and materials are in English and created for people that speak English as a foreign language. That means that the language used in this courses and resources will be easily understood by you too. You don’t have to be a yoga expert either; all of our materials are explained in detail and ‘easy language’, so you won’t get lost.

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